Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Hello Dan and All

As I get into the part of cleaning this chassis, contrary to my original thoughts has indeed been worked on. But I think by a very capable technician. The chassis that came with this radio, is indeed the original chassis as confirmed by the picture of the chassis tag I posted for the “Kent”, which is a Deforest Crosley 77/ Rogers Ten 58. However, it has indeed been modified. A new hole was drilled and an extra 6C5 Tube was added. And the Output Tube was changed to a 6F6, which may not have been too hard to do. I think I may go by the original schematic and change it back to its original design, and plug the socket hole. There is, of course, still the possibility that I will find other changes or modifications. This radio is too nice a radio to not be in working condition.
And Dan, the Cap and Resistor boards seem much tighter space wise, and harder to work on than your picture shows on your model. There are still some unansered qestions, but it is what it is,