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Ralph Spracklin
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Hi Lee
Yes, now that I can see the springs and the plungers, I can see how yours differ from mine. Having said that, when you fine tune the exact size of the pushbuttons, which will slide in the bezel guide, five to each side with that vertical division bar, which separates the left bank of buttons from the right bank, and you determine the correct length of said pushbuttons, you are ready to put a slit in the rear of each of your buttons with a hack saw, so that they can slide over the plungers. I would think that the slit should be about 3/8” deep should work just fine. If they fit a bit loosley you can shim them with some masking tape or the like. If you paint the pushuttons, remember that too much paint/ too many layers of paint can cause them to be somewhat tight in operation. Lots of luck and keep us posted as you move forward in solving this problem. Then should you ever be successful in finding an original Bezel and Pushbuttons, you are no further behind.