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Ralph Spracklin
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Winding Machine
Normally I would have posted this in “Show & Tell”, but being that it is related to my transformer project, I have decided to post it here.
I went out yesterday snooping around the Sally Anne Thrift Shop, I was really looking for a cheap Antique Sewing Machine, with Motor and foot pedal. It was my lucky day. I found one. It was marked for $25.95. However it was discount day and I walked away with it for $13.00. It was already mounted n a heavy home made base.

Anyway, today I tackled it. First I tested it. It was OK. So I pulled the motor, cleaned it up and mounted it on my Drill press stand, as shown in a previous post. It just screwed to the existing bracket without any modification. and with a little adjustment it lined up, right on centre with the drill chuck shaft. All I have to do now is make a reduction collar 1/4 x 3/8 to connect the motor shaft to the shaft on the chuck. Notice that on the drill chuck is a stainless hose bracket, with the end turned up so that it strikes the lever on the counter on each revolution, which equals one complete turn on the Bobbin for the new winding. I am going to install the sewing machine light on a snorkel, to light up the take-up bobbin. Also on the front of this apparatus, mounted on the base stand I will install a hand rest to steady my wrist. And also that long black handle at the top of the rig allows be to move the new Bobbin to the left or right or visa versa, so that all the right hand has to do is to control the tension on the winding wire. And Oh yes, I have cleaned up the foot pedal and painted it. And I also gave the weighted wooden base a couple of coats of walnut stain. So as they say, it is just about “All Systems Go”

Regards Ralph