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Ralph Spracklin
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OK Andrew
As I said on my other Post, I have plans to ugrade my winding aparatus. A few weeks back I picked up at the Habitat ReStore, a “Wolfcraft Drill Press Stand” for just six dollars. It is used with an electric drill to power it. It normaly sits in a vertical position requiring just one weighted stand, However I have discovered that this machine will work fine, with a few minor changes and adaptions to be used, along with my Dewalt drill, to be more efficient as a transformer winder.
I am also looking for a sewing machine motor and foot pedal which I could adapt to it. That would do away with using the drill for power. The great thing about that is, that it will be a winding machine that’s always ready to go. It can also operate to turn quite slow or faster by means of the foot pedal. There is also a adjustment on the Drill Press so as I can adjust the carry from Left to right or from Right to Left, to match the width of any winding. And there is also a lever on it that I will be able to use to more evenly control the the closeness of the winding across the Bobbin. This can and will make the winding more uniform and save valuable winding space, so that when I re-assemble the laminations they will go back in quite easily.
Will keep you Posted.