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Ralph Spracklin
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Those first few pics show the set-up I rigged up for my DeWalt 18Volt Portable Drill. It does not look to professional but it works flawlessly. And the mechanical counter works just fine. For now I have just taped a metal bracket to the drill and taped the counter into position, so that each revolution of the drill trips the counter and registers it as one turn. I feed the winding wire by hand, with the supply spool placed on beneath the Bobbin on the floor. Note that the spool sits on a weighted holder. This prevents the spool from tpping over during the winding process. Some of those supply spools have a square end and a round end. Always set the spool round side up to prevent snags which can happen with square side up. Using this method you will need a couple of straps to tie the base of the drill down so that it does not move around or flop over. As you only have two hands, you will need one to control the trigger/switch on the drill while you feed the winding wire on to your Bobbin with the other hand. Make certain the sides of your Bobbin are wide enough so you can prevent your winding wire from spilling over and getting snagged on either the chuck side of the Bobbin or the other side. a situation you don’t want to find your self in.

NOTE: Should you use the same counter I use, (from Princess Auto) never thy to reverse your drill, This will break the counter. If you need to reverse the drill direction to remove a number of wiring turns by means of the drill, design your Bobbin so that the threaded rod which fits into the drill chuck, protrudes on either side of the Bobbin. Then should you need to reverse the direction of the drill. all you need to do is release your Bobbin axel from the drill and flip it over, placing the other side of the rod axel into the chuck. Also secure the sides of the Bobbin with two nuts on either side, using that second nut as a lock nut to insure that the vibrations do not allow the sides to become loose and ruin your job. I speak from experience on this one. And Oh yes, before you start winding make certain you have a fully charged battery, you don’t want to be changing batteries mid-way through the winding procedure.

I will make a second Post beneath this one to explain some of the upgrades I have planned for my winding machine.

I hope this information will benefit yourself and others