Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Hello Gerry and All
As a new member, I am enjoying my stay on this Radio Site. The new ICON, in size and color allows easy access, to the FORUM(S). Makes it stand out, to the eye. However I feel having a RED ACCESS BUTTON at the top would also be an added feature. One at the top and one at the Bottom. Less searching for users, old or new.

The ability to have an extra Forum Title where one could make a post for other Interests, say, on the History of Radio itself. Such as my last Post “The First Voice of Radio”, I had a hard time as to where to Post it.

I should also say that the area you call VIEWS, should really appear as REPLYS. Because that is what the count here really is. And Yes. the actual views to a Post is also a good reference to keep , because it shows the amount of interest in a Post. Sometimes it can be discouraging only to read the number of added posts to a Topic as just “1” possibly shows that there was maybe no interest in the post whatsoever.(for whatever reason) I hope I am not being overly critical of how our fine Radio Site works. Does ayone else have thoughts on this?