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Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Ralph: This is the basic method I use for refinishing my cabinets.
I say basic, because I change things a bit . I don’t use wood chips.
I use a strong commercial stripper——$80.00 a gallon. I want to get ALL the old finish off.
The heavy stripper is used when the old finish is on pretty good. Usually I use the 50-50 mixture of lacquer thinner and acetone
for stripping. I do this in the summer ,outside in the garage.
I can usually get five to seven console radios done in the summer, depending on how much wood repair I have to do.

I guess it is a personal preference on what you use to strip the cabinets, but I have never scraped the cabinets,
and I don’t sand them either.
Each to his own. Here are a couple of photos of one RCA radio