Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Thanks Dan. That clears it all up very quickly. Now, when I rewind the tranny, I will reduce the number of secondary turns to reflect voltages that are most closer to original spec. I think 375-0-375 or 750 Volts is closer to what I am looking for. Your 6.3 and 5.0 windings are also higher than they should be. this of course caused by applying higher Primary voltages of 120 Plus used in our present day hydro systems, which will in turn increase all secondary voltages on most vintage radio transformers. Reducing number of secondary turns, also saves some valuable winding space in the allotted window in the core of the tranny. Of course there other ways to reduce secondary voltages.

I think. all systems are go, and I am now ready to attempt the re-winding process. Much thanks for your parience and help.