Ralph Spracklin
CVRS Member

Hello Again Dan
I think that somehow we have some of our wires crossed. My Radio is a DeForest Crosley 6D531. It is a five tube set with the following tube line-up Numbers: 80; 6A7; 6K7; 75; 6F6.
The pictures you posted here of your set, says it is an 7 tuber Model 8D723. It shows that the tube line up for your model uses a tube line-up as follows: 2X3; 2X3; 6J8; 8K7. 75; 41 6X6. So that is two times 2X3, 1/2 wave rectifiers, rather than a single # 80
You mentoned on the voltages you gave me, that those voltages on your set was going to the # 80 tube??? But apparently your set should not have a #80 tube. It should have two 2X3 tubes. I am wondering if Rogers somehow used the 6D531 chassis in your model, because apparently it was not uncommon for Rogers to make some mid-production changes when building some of their radios. But any way, if your set is a seven tuber, that would mean that the B+ voltages supplid to the rectifier would possibly higher than what my set calls for, and wouldnot apply to my set.

Man that is quite a rebuilding chore you have undrrtaken on your Table-top model. Actually my set is a Tombstone Model

Thanks for your efforts on this one. Maybe we will still get to the bottom of this hic-up.