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Gerry O’Hara

Hi Louis,
You may wish to contact Chris Pettit at the Eddystone User Group (EUG) in the UK to place a ‘wanted’ ad on that site. Chris can be contacted at ‘blueyonder dot co dot uk’. Also, I suggest you contact Ian Nutt, who has a lot of original Eddystone parts for sale. Ian can be contacted at ‘iandcnutt at msn dot com’. The EUG website URL is : https://eddystoneusergroup.org.uk/. Also, if you look under the ‘Restorations’ section of the EUG website you will find lots of articles on restoring Eddystone sets, some of which may be useful to you.
I hope this helps.
Gerry O’Hara (EUG Trustee)