Dan Walker
CVRS Member

As it shows on the back of one of the photos. It is a rogers tombstone radio model 10-50
The rogers 10-55 is the same radio. 1935/36.

You can find the schematics as Pacific TV
It has five tubes
85m———sub =6V7G
75m———sub= 6Q7 or 6B6M
and an 80 rectifier.
The radio needs to be recapped.tubes checked, and the controls cleaned.
It is hard to tell you in a short time, what needs to be done.
There could be some cracked wiring that need to be replaced,dial light replaced and a few other things.

Do not plug in the radio before the electrolytic caps have been replaced.
It is well worth the restoration [in my opinion] although you didn’t show photos of the cabinet.
They are a nice looking radio and play quite well once restored,although not a high end radio, but desirable to the right person.
As for a dollar figure; as is maybe $50.00to $75.00 depending where you are located, and if you wanted to sell it after it was restored, it depends on the restoration and looks of the cabinet.

You can put photos right in you post.
Dan in Calgary