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Hi all – its been a couple of months but to be honest I was pretty intimidated by the prospect of diving in to this project, but I spent a lot of time studying the chassis and finally got up the gumption to dive in (taking copious notes and photos).

I was able to desolder a number of connections that bridged between the subassembly with the IF transformers on it and was then able to withdraw it from the chassis. Whew!

First picture is the liberated transformer frame.

Second is the chassis underneath the frame – lots of caps in there to test/replace. Also lots of the fabric covering wire is quite brittle – will have to replace some of that. Does anyone have a good source for fabric wiring or do people just go modern?

Third picture is the original chassis layout diagram from the owner’s manual. I found that my radio has a big modification – instead of one stacked cap (C25/26) there are now two cylinder caps….see 4th picture.

Now to catch my breath and get ready to tackle the rest of the chassis.