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Hi all: long delay in updating as to be honest I was totally intimidated by the task. So I let things sit for a couple of months while I gathered the courage to tackle this. As an aside I also love vintage guitar amps and watch a couple of the great youtube channels on amp repair…..I must say that it gave me a bit of confidence to take this on.

Anyway, I spent a bunch of time scoping out the layout. As mentioned earlier, there is a transformer section in the middle combined with the band selector switch which clearly needed to come out in order to get at basically *anything* in the radio. So I looked for and (i hoped) identified all leads coming out of that section that went anywhere else….the section is held in by 5 robertson screws so I knew it was intended to be removed. There was also a weird (non-original) selector switch that had been added – it seems to allow the selection of an external antenna and it needed to come out as well. Armed with a notebook, pencil, flashlight and soldering iron I got to work.

Happy to report success (so far!) Here is the main chassis bereft of its transformer section:

I took careful notes about everything I removed and photos to remind myself where things went. I must say this radio was NOT designed for easy servicing – sure I am not an experienced radio tech but so much is hidden behind or underneath other components when it was clear there are pieces that are supposed to come out as a unit. In any event I got the transformer section out:


I also discovered a modification that the factory made after the original chassis layout was documented – the chassis layout available online (which matches the one on the original owner’s manual I have that I got with the radio) has two caps in a cylinder (C25 and C26), but in reality these appear to have been separated and are two distinct – here’s the layout diagram:


And here’s the actual chassis:

Anyway, just wanted to share the adventures of a newbie!