Rick D
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Anyone have a National Carbon Eveready model 31 or another model ,if so could they please measure the field coil and see how many ohms it is or if they know the value of the resistor inside the power supply that is switched on when you use a magnetic speaker ,some one along the way took out the switch that you flip back and forth ,one side when you use the speaker sold with these sets that has a field coil in it and one side when you use a magnetic speaker ,who ever took out the switch and resistor on my set put in a 4.7 K power resistor going across the plug for the field coil , I think that a 4.7K resistor is too high ,any speaker with a field coil that I have replaced with a magnetic speaker I used a 1K power resistor to take the place of the field coil ,would be thankful for any help all the very best take care Rick