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I’d try to avoid taking out those IF transformers and that sub chassis if possible. This looks like it will be a very tough radio to get at everything.

The Electrolytic capacitors may cause you troubles if you just plug the radio in, so as Sterling says be cautious until you deal with them. Unfortunately it looks like the connections to the electrolytics are under the two cans on the left of your picture. That big yellow 10 MFD cap in the centre of your picture looks like a replacement so someone may have already replaced one of them, hopefully they’ve disconnected the old one and not just bridged the new one. If you are lucky and can see the wire(s) that go to the terminal on the bottom of the electrolytics you could maybe snip them and put your new cap somewhere out of the way and connect it to your snipped wires.

You can take your chances with a “Dim Bulb” on the power to protect the transformer from possible shorts and try powering up the radio, but that does not give you any protection from future shorts if the electrolytics are not replaced, if you do choose to leave the old ones connected, then add a fuse, still not a great solution but better than leaving it as is.