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John Greenland
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I have attached a very simple and inexpensive possible solution to your battery eliminator issue for the higher voltage. A couple of “D” cells will probably do for the filaments.
It requires 3 HP printer power supplies. I have found numerous type and power ratings at a local thrift store for 3 to 4 dollars ( Canadian) each.
They have 2 output voltages, 32 volts and 16 volts.
You need the ones with a 2 wire line cord. The three wire ones have the 0 volt wire (A) connected to the AC ground pin on the supply.

If you wire them as shown they will give you your high voltage. The diodes are optional and will lower your voltage slightly.
I have used 4 of them in series (without the diodes) to power a 40 watt incandescent light bulb as a test without a problem

Regards ,
John G.