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I spend way to much time looking at my wife’s Facebook marketplace site and also Kijiji. I just enter “tube radio” and see what comes up. The 231-R was sitting at the back of a flea market in Lachute Quebec. 3 hrs there and back, but worth it as I only paid $140. He had it on for $350, but was keen to sell as the place was deserted for the most part due to the plague. I have a line on a chassis, knobs and speaker for it. To deal with the big hole cut for the 70 era compact stereo, I plan to patch the hole from behind, cover it with veneer and drill 3 new holes. Such a shame it was modified, but otherwise I couldn’t have afforded such a cool deco radio. That being said, the prices for these have crashed along with most antiques. Radioattic sold a beauty in March 2020, fully restored and refinished for $1,250. They still list for several thousand here and there, but I don’t think they will bring that anymore. Post boomers don’t care much about antiques etc.