Grant Sesak
CVRS Member

i got the sister to the S-22, the RCA R-7 just finished restoring it, YIKES! wish i never started. big project with lots of parts. all 3 transformers and all caps and resistors of course. also the dial (radio daze) and new rubber chassis mounts and tunning roller rubber (renovated radio) .Be warned this radio has no AVC, but not necessarily a big deal.If you need #45 tubes you will be in shock when you see how much they are. i was lucky to have a few used ones. my problem is volume goes up and down on its own. usually flipping a light switch nearby causes volume to return to normal when it drops down by itself.this really has me scratching my head.if you got any ideas, let me know.good info on RCA R-7 can be found by searching “RCA Victor service notes for 1931-32”