Gary Albach
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Hi Dan – I was just kidding when I mentioned cabinet restoration, although I must admit that I have had to learn far more about furniture refinishing than about electronic restoration since rejoining this hobby some years ago. Of three aspects of our hobby, i.e. cabinet restoration, chassis restoration, and assembling a unified ‘collection’, and given my distant background in electronics, I lean towards the love to restore a chassis to its original detailed factory ‘look and performance’. It’s my wife who better appreciates the time and effort that goes into refinishing a cabinet, as this is what she looks at!

Last winter I posted pictures of a few cabinets that I had finished, and by going back in the forums you can see them listed as:

A Hat Trick! Electrohome Viking finished
Addison Model 5A restored
RCA Victor Model 122 restored

Keep up the great work – I enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures!
Gary in Victoria