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Gary Albach
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Hi Dan – I was kidding when I mentioned my cabinet restorations, although I must admit that I have had to learn far more about fine furniture refinishing than I have about restoration of electronics since I rejoined this rewarding hobby some time ago. I think I’m now at the stage that I enjoy all three aspects of our hobby, cabinet restoration, chassis restoration, and the assembling of a unified ‘collection’, although since my distant background is in electronics, I suppose I lean towards the restoration of a chassis to its original detailed factory ‘look and performance’.

Last winter I posted a few pictures of my latest cabinet projects which you can see in the forums here:

Electrohome Viking

A Hat Trick! Electrohome Viking finished.

Addison 5A

Addison Model 5A restored

RCA Victor 122

RCA Victor Model 122 restored

Keep up the amazing work on your restorations. I enjoy seeing the photos of your finished cabinets.
Gary A. in Victoria