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Thanks for the concept John, I can keep my eyes open, but nowadays, swap meets, Sally Ann all out of commission.
I have been gathering intel on doing alignments so I’ll be more or less ready when the cable comes for the Stark Rf signal Generator. I opened it up and as the ad claimed, it has been “gone through.”
All the tubes test good and it’s been completely recapped including some added safety caps (I believe). Cleaned all the multitude of rotary contact switches and had a general look around. Has some strange stuff inside (at least to me) Pics below.
There is a bunch of radios that I’ve done in the past months and they all work O.K., but need to be checked.. I’m guessing my Hallicrafters S 38 would be bad first candidate as the manual says “Alignment should not be attempted by inexperienced persons as maximum performance is obtained only by intelligent alignment”

O.K., I’m sufficiently intimidated, so I guess i’ll cut my teeth on an AA5 😉

Gary in Montreal