Gordon Dann
CVRS Member

to align am radios you will need a audio modulated signal generator. the old tube type such as the heathkit, echo or stark, will work . and are not to high price wise. I use a siglent SDG1032X 30MHz unit
transcat canada sells it for $430.65. INCLUDES shipping.there are other makes as well . **do not buy the cheep signal generators on amazon and ebay they are junk**. I have delt with them and they seem good. you will also need a meter I use a fluke 87 , tripplet and a old heathkit vtvm the old vtvm’s work well and can be got cheap . a Autoranging Digital MultiMeter like the exteck can be got a lot cheaper then fluke and will do the job. To align fm radios it can be done with a am generator and your ear but a fm sig. and a scope is the way to go.(the siglent has that capability) if you plan to do tv”s you need more stuff. hope this helps. Cheers Gordon