CVRS Member

Picked up the radio (safely with mask and gloves) yesterday and I just love it. I was told it works, so I brought it up slowly on the veriac and sure enough, It plays completely loud and clear on FM and plays well on Am. I will re cap it to be safe, but even the cord looks good and the chassis is completely corrosion free! It has (what I thought was preselects) but it turns out to be different tones! It also seems to have 2 phono inputs in the rear, but the phono was removed before I got it. I love the radio, but hate the Trying to be French provincial cabinet. The wood is still in pretty good shape and will benefit from a strip and refinish. I am astounded at the amount of volume without distortion this thing puts out. I guess there is advantages to having 16 tubes. Here’s some pics (incorrectly tagged Mitchell )