Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Thank you Sterling;
It does not surprise me that the page 179 shows the models 110, 111 and 115.
It is surprising that the listing tells you the model WR 35 is on that page , but when you look at that page, you don’t see any reference to
the WR 35, only the victor models 111, 110 and 115

It does look like the model WR 35 is the same, but the components are arranged quite different
I have the model 115 and it is different, but maybe they just changed the components around, adding a resistor board .
Now I see I will have to go through every component and check every part of the schematic on the 115 and see if the same components are there [but in different locations].
It is possible that someone had added a resistor or two, but I will stick to the schematics.
For example, there are three caps rated at 10mf in the radio and the schematics for the 115 call for 4 mf, but someone had added these later.
I guess some people just put in any cap they have lying around, even if it is three times as large
Here is a photo of the tag on the radio.
Well I have a lot of time at home so I guess I will learn something mode about these radios.
I will keep plugging along.
Dan in Calgary.