Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Sterling , I agree with you in that they look the same, but I have looked at various parts comparing both radios and I don’t see some parts as being the same.For example I have a couple of resistors in the 115 radio which are not in the other one.
the original; model 115 had a large 4 MF cap in it and the other on does not,
I am trying to compare schematics of the model 115 with the other radio ,but it is very hard to see where some of the wires go, especially under the resistor board.

I might have to remove the resistor board. Someone has put in a couple of large caps in there so I don’t know exactly what they should be.
I presume that no one can find the schematics for this and the post will just fade away.
I hope not , but I feel like I am up against a brick wall on this one.
Thanks for looking and if you find any more information let me know
Dan in Calgary