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Jean Marcotte came through for me and was kind enough to stop by my place with a 5Y4G. The radio plays pretty well now and the short wave band is great! I was listening to Radio Prague in English last night with 4 feet of wire! I have plans to go on the roof and put up a basic antenna in the summer. I will be picking up a matched pair of military spec VT66’s (6F6’s) this afternoon and I hope that cleans up the sound a bit as I have 1 glass and one metal mis matched 6F6’s in there now. The tuner with the preset cones is a PITA, and one can see why this tuner was only used 1 year!!

Thanks for the link Don. I do have a great local guy as well, but he was out of the 5Y4’s at the moment. I’m becoming a big fan of the 30’s era as well. More room for my fat fingers to navigate the chassis, but pots and switches seem to be harder to find and they are often worn out. after only 80 years !
I posted his link below.


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