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Many thanks Jean Marcotte!!!
Jean was kind enough to find me a 5Y4G in order to advance the repair/troubleshooting on the Philco 38-04 radio AND dropped it off at my place!!! Radio now plays quite well, but needs a volume pot and also an on/off 4 tone switch. perhaps it’s sacrilege to move stuff around, but I thought to yank the 4 tone on off switch (far left) and replace it with a conventional on/off volume switch, then install the 4 tone switch where the volume switch (far right) was. Only the on off is buggered, the 4 position tone part works great. This is a more conventional set up and solves the problem of finding a on/off 4 position tone switch. I have not looked for a on/off vol switch with the long shaft required for these radios. Is one place cheaper/better than another for that type of part?

Gary in Montreal