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I have completed the tuner repair and reassembled the radio. All the bad tubes are replaced, every resistor has been hunted down and tested and any out more that 20 % replaced. Almost all were o.k. as you would expect. I replaced all the caps including the ones in the cans. Dan warned me about the capacitor blocks, boy were those fun to do. What a mess of sticky tar. The radio shows signs of frequent repairs in the past with 4 different tube manufacturers all present. Radio powers up the tubes normally and has a slight hum. The volume control works as does the 3 position tone switch. I can barely hear a station or 2, but that’s it. This radio has an Audio kill switch built into the tuner to eliminate static or hum while between stations. It does so by opening a ground circuit from the plunger switch on the tuner. When locked on a station, the tuner supplies ground somewhere in the circuit !
This wire was cut off and I can’t find where it would have gone by looking at the schematic. Anyone have any ideas or run into this problem? I know this is a one year set -up.