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Thanks Gary, et al
I have been reading everything I can find on the topic and already have a much better understanding of the issue. So, in short, I’ve figured out and understand the first half of your email.
I read John’s reply and perhaps I did the test incorrectly or didn’t interpret the results correctly, not sure. But, resistor R9 seems to be in the right place according to the schematic.
Here’s the part I don’t understand and where my knowledge is clearly lacking; When I tested to see if the 2 caps I installed had survived the overvoltage, I got a reading of 80+- mfd’s
which seems to be the total of both 30 and 50. Although both caps have a common B+ rail connection, the other end is separated by the R9 1500 resistor. If they were just in parallel, I would expect a reading
of 80.
I unsoldered the plus end of the 30 cap and they test separately 30 and 50 as you would expect, so the new caps seem to be o.k. I am waiting on a complete set of tubes and 2 spare 35W4’s
to arrive as well as some panel lights 44’s and 47’s but am having difficulty importing them for some reason. Perhaps I can find them closer to home. Also want to buy a Variac as my first piece
of equipment to get me started.
I will do the pin 7 socket thing again. I did have the burnt tube out when I did it the last time.

Thanks Gary K.