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It plays well, but still somewhat garbled. All the tubes tested good except the output tube and it was replaced with a NOS tube. Did all the caps except the micas and the 2 caps that were added in the past that I don’t understand and replaced a third of the wiring that was failing. Cleaned all the switches and contacts, repaired the paper cone on the speaker. I don’t have any of the test equipment to align the radio as I’m just starting out at this. The channels come in at a hair off the dial, AM 800 comes in at maybe 805 so that’s reasonably close. SW is surprisingly good and pulls in more stations than I thought in my basement on 5 feet of wire. I want to test the resistors next and if I don’t find something, I’ll put it back together for now. Test equipment will have to wait as I’m rounding up classic car parts over the winter as well. Too many hobbies, too little cash 😉

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