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Good progress today!
First, thanks John for the intel about the leads. Using the Red wire, all the tubes tested good with the exception of the 6F6 which tests weak. I have replaces several lengths of wires as some were bare with insulation flaking off. Next replaced the line cord, hit it with compressed air and cleaned out years of schmutz. I have replaced about a third of the caps (the easiest to reach and read) and the radio now works and receives Am and short wavy noise on the other 2 settings. The volume control works great after a deoxit bath and the tone control works as well. The audio is understandable, but really muddy and unclear sounding.
Could be more caps or the 6f6 which is the output tube. Speaker sounds ok considering how many tears were repaired in the past. There are also 2 caps installed during a repair in the late 50’s and they make no sense to me yet as the values don’t show up in the schematic. So far I’m pretty pleased that it is already sorta working. Thanks for everyone’s help!!

Gary in Montreal

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