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Dan Walker
CVRS Member

This radio is a 10-65 with a bad 6H7M tube.
I have a 6H7 tube that is spray shielded with a silver coating.
I tested it with an adapter and it tests good.
After bringing up the radio with a variac it works, but it will need a recap.
I consider myself lucky because I find that the tube is VERY hard to get ,
and to replace it you have to rewire in another tube

I also had to redo the tuning drum and it has wire instead of string.
About a year ago I bought some of this radio wire at an estate sale so it worked fine.
The challenge was that the drum is the same as a 10-12 with four bands and this radio only has three bands.
I had to test the transformer and a few things before I brought it up on a variac . It did work so I could find out where the BC band was in order to set up the drum correctly.
Every time I go to an estate sale I look for anything that I might use for radio repair and this time it worked out very well.

Dan in Calgary