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Gary Albach
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Hi Dan – yes, I restuffed all the wax paper caps, except the blue Solar. I still haven’t found a way to reliably restuff Solars, so I replaced it with a restuffed period Sprague. I left all the micas alone.
Three of the electrolytics are in a square steel box, securely soldered to the top of the chassis. Opening this box would have required some serious work with my Dremel which I wasn’t sure I could hide, so I decided to fabricate a silver cardboard box to look like a replacement filter cap of the era and located it under the chassis directly under the original caps. You can see the end of it with wires emerging at the bottom of one of the pictures.

And thanks for confirming that the knobs on my set are original. I was pretty sure that they are because they were a bit difficult to get off, and also that they are quite unique. The tuning (second from right) is a dual knob with concentric shafts, one larger than the other. And the volume (second from left) is a single knob, machined to look like the dual knob.