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Gerry O’Hara
CVRS Member

I finished recapping this chassis (without re-stuffing the bypass cap can), and used the additional tube socket as a speaker socket (instead of the captive speaker wiring). Unfortunately the primary of the RF/Mixer transformer was burned out and no voltage was getting to the RF tube plate. I gave up trying to repair the burned out winding (after a long time trying), and so I ‘kludged’ it, using an RF choke (3.5mH), a resistor (1.5Kohms) and coupling capacitor (56pF) and all is now well. A copy of the schematic with this kludge sketched on, as well as the previous mod to the local oscillator bias arrangement is attached to this post. This kludge technique is remarkably effective for cases where a transformer winding is burned out (RF, IF and some AF situations. See this link for IF and AF solutions). The chassis is back in the cabinet and it sounds great!