Dan Walker
CVRS Member

I have been using lacquer made by Mohawk.
Some of the fellows on ARF said that they use lacquer made by a company called Deft.
lacquer was what the antique radios were finished with, because it dries fast and gives a good finish.
I suppose you can use any brand of lacquer. I use the spray cans because I don’t have spray equipment,
and I find it works very well.
I strongly recommend you purchase a good mask [ $40.00 to $60.00]. lacquer is not good for your lungs.
For a console radio it will take about three cans, but the secret is Do not put on heavy coats as it will run.
After I put on the first coat and it is dry I use 1500 or 200 grit sandpaper and very lightly go
over the cabinet just to remove any small rough spots.
While we are talking about the finish I should mention that I also use Mohawk toned lacquer for the darker areas which are usually around the top and bottom of the cabinet.
Here are some photos of radios that I have done so you have an idea of what to expect.
This is an RCA model C8 16 . I am showing photos of the cabinet stripped, and masked off, before the toned lacquer was applied.
The toned lacquer, and the finished radio.
Dan in Calgary