Rick D
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Hi Aladdin
That I am sure is a Grid Leak Resistor,on my battery 1920,s sets, they are around 2 Meg,put your meter tips
on both ends and see what you get,looks like it goes beside your detector tube,most of mine go there,it is the
only tube that takes 45 volts all the other tubes take 90 volts.If you look at your set two tubes down from the
top of the photo with the tubes you will see a small clip with a hole in it ,that hole is where the end of the resistor
fits in to hold it in place,if you look across from that clip you will see a hole and a darker spot of black ,thats where
the other end of the clip that also holds the grid leak resistor used to be.You can if you want just put in a regular
resistor of the same value,Gary at Play Things Of The Past has many of these Grid Leak Resistors ,just google
play things of the past for his web site,Garys prices I find are the best and it gets here fast,if you have any problems
let me know ,I have a few spares ,all the best Rick