Don Henschel
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Since I’m presently dealing with my Philco 444 from 1936 which uses a type 80 rectifier tube earlier we were discussing the size of capacitors in the power supply. My power supply using the 80 only has a pair of 8uf at 450v. From what the opinion is on these based on past experience from others dealing with them is keep fairly close to the smaller values and it was mentioned this direct heated rectifier was prone to arcing and damage if pushed too hard. In my case I have 4.7, 10, and 15 so I will replace them with a pair of 10’s. Also what was mentioned is if you venture into larger capacitors, at least place a smaller or same value as original in the reservoir or primary capacitor and the larger after the filtering choke if used or in the case of this vintage the speaker coil being used as a filter or smoothing choke. Another determination is the type of rectifier tube used as a number of the newer types have much larger current handling capabilities.