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I was introduced to tube radios when I inherited the family radio after it was replaced by a grundig floor console around 1966. I have fond memories of going to the pharmacy on my bike with pockets full of tubes to test when It finally quit one day. I loved the tube tester in the Pharmacy and felt like a real (14 yr. old) technician looking through the scroll to find the right socket and dial settings! The radio was unceremoniously forgotten at a Harveys (burger joint) That I got fired from in 1973. In later years, I wondered what type of radio it was. I remembered it had 2 knobs on top at the far corners and a rectangular dial . About 8 years ago on a trip to Portland, (was living in Port Moody B.C. at the time), I found a Philco Hippo that looked similar with the wrong dial. After surfing for many hours, I finally found it! It was a Trav-ler Karenola 5061. My parents purchased it used in West Virginia where we lived for a short time in the fifties. Fast forward to today and over the years, I have amassed a small collection of wood and Bakelite radios. I joined here in order to learn how to repair them. I have a spot in the basement where I plan to set up shop and am in the process of finding all the equipment that I will need. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the road already and I will try to keep the dumb questions to a minimum.

Regards, Gary in Montreal

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