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Thanks Alistair, for the insight. The ‘yellow blob’ with 2 in and 2 out does not look melted or damaged. My best guess is it’s 2 capacitors stuck together with wax or something. I still need to find the schematics and parts list for the 49-504 and I used up my downloads from radiomuseum on the C8-16 for now. Once I have that, I’m hoping I can figure it out. What I thought was my other 49-504 with a slightly different dial turned out to be a 46L that works. Same chassis, different tubes, so I can’t swap them over to test them. I also noticed ,the 46L is bakelite and the 49-504 is plastic! Otherwise, they look the same. Love finding out the little differences. looks like Philco changed from Bakelite between ’46 and ’48. Too cool. I didn’t have any Philco radios until last week and now have 4 ! Hopefully, what I learn on the first one will help with the other 3 that all work, but have issues. Cool repair sticker on the 46L…