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Les, You predicted my next question precisely! I had never seen a “loctal” type tube before. One came out likity, but the rest would not bulge. I carefully pried from underneath the bump and eased the rest out. No bad sounds, so hopefully I didn’t damage anything. It looks like it has been repaired in the past as it seems to have some newer components. (see Pic) I can Identify most of what I’m looking at, but in the last pic, there is what looks like a yellow wax blob with 2 wires coming out of each end. Below the blob, there is a huge resistor (compared with the rest) and does the replacement have to be that huge as well? I want to replace it along with the other resistors and capacitors. On another topic, one of the first things I will likely need is a good meter. When I fixed cars for a living, we used Fluke meters. Is there one type or brand better than another for working on old radios?
Sorry about the torrent of questions, but I’m really enjoying this…

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