Les Dickson
CVRS Member

Gary, good to know that the radio actually has ‘Globe Trotter’ on the dial. It gets confusing when titles like that get used on different models. Northern Electric has many ‘Baby Champ’ radios for example.
Good luck with the transitone. My only advice is in regard to the loctal style of tube (7A8 14A7 14B6) if you don’t remove them properly you can cause damage.

“look for the bump at the base of the tube. Then go 180 degrees AROUND the metal tube-this is where you start rocking. In effect, you’re pushing force is directed at the bump on the other side of the base. DO NOT grab the glass envelope-just the base! GENTLY rock back and forth while GENTLY lifting and the tube will quickly and easily come out (most of the time). You’ll never go back to your old methods once you discover the correct way to remove Loctal tubes.”

the above is from antiqueradios.com