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Thanks for the info Les. Once I started reading about tube radios and watched a few tutorials, I realized turning it on as is could cause all sorts of damage and possibly fire. I’m now thinking ( until I actually know what I’m doing), It may be better to start with something a little smaller and straight forward. I have been collecting radios for years and think I’ll try my luck with one of my Philco Transitone Model 49-504’s that looks to be in excellent condition. It did play when I bought it last week (along with 3 other Philcos and the Globe Trotter), but now has died completely. Is this a better choice for a first foray into repairing,re-capping a radio? By the way, The floor model does say “Globe Trotter” on the dial, so I’m sure that’s the correct name. Now that I’m retired, I think this may be a fun hobby and much cheaper than restoring classic cars! Here are some pics of one of the Philcos.

Regards, Gary