Les Dickson
CVRS Member

Hi Gary. At the radiomuseum website model C8-16 has the schematics shown at https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/rca_victor_c8_16.html.
I think your radio is not actually called a Globe Trotter. RCA Canada has three ‘Globe Trotter’ models that I know of:
CDN rca-victor 1935/36 Globe Trotter T5-2 5 tubes
CDN rca-victor 1939/40 Globe Trotter A20 5 tubes (which I have)
CDN rca-victor 1939/40 Globe Trotter A20E 5 tubes
That’s according to the radio museum web site.
Also, it’s my understanding that it’s never a good idea to plug in an old radio to see if it works without first doing some investigation and remediation because it can cause some serious damage.
Good luck!