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So my research indicates that you can make a battery pack for these. The wires that lead to the plug-in indicate A, B or C.. There is 1 wire labelled A on the tag it says aircell A+, 3 sets of wires labelled b with 45V on the plug end, 2 sets of wires labelled C with – 4 1/2 -3 V. If for instance I wired 5 9 V batteries in series to get 45 V could I just cut of the plug end and theoretically wire each B labelled wire set to a battery pack?

Does anyone know the proper voltage for the A wire as there is no end on that one which indicates? Lastly what is with the range indicated on the C wires? Any help would be appreciated. I have seen plans to build one of these and I have even see a kit to build a plug in power supply for an antique radio set on Amazon.com. Might be a good way to go rather than continually buying batteries.