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It looks interesting enough to become addicted to 😉 looks like someone wiped on a dark color, if it’s shellac it might wipe off with laquer thinners if you care about the cabinet being perfect but it looks presentable so dont panic about that The chassis is not huge for such a large cabinet. a long wire would probably work better than anything that would be with the cabinet so dont; be too worried about the antenna. I’m wondering if that square tin can contains a paper capacitor potted in tar? not all were electrolytic so you might be able to use some big mylar caps if its not an electrolytic. If you need to put the caps in the can then you might have success warming the tin can with a blowtorch until the tar melts a bit where it contacts the tin and then pull the whole glob out.. when I first tried I was trying to melt all the tar and found just heating the tin to free the glob and not trying to melt all the tar worked better for me. you could check if there is room underneath and you might not have to re-pot the new ones if they fit ok under the chassis. if so leave it be and just clip the wires. note that there is a model stamped in the cabinet as well so maybe there is some reference to that on the schematic. I can’t verify if you have the right schematic but if the tubes match you are probably close.. Im guessing early 30’s.. probably a pretty sensitive or selective tuner once you get it dialed in a lot of radios with cabinets like that were TRF radios and I “think” that is an early superhetrodyne but others here might know the model and the electronics a lot better. Its encouraging to us all when we hear of people just becoming addicted, I mean interested.. 😉