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Ive got a little sterio telefunken amp that i bought at auction. it came with two tables full of parts chassis so everyone thought I was nuts buying the whole lot but that’s how it was auctioned. the one I have is green with a metal case, gold trim.. and only about 2.5″ tall and about a foot wide and 8″ deep approximately. because of the size Ive always thought it would only work well with some pretty efficient speakers, maybe electrostatic? .. I dont; know the value but its in super nice shape and Ive never seen another like it.. instead of the RCA jacks it has din plugs and I keep meaning to try to find some connectors. I don’t know if I should plug it in or try recapping it first.. probably the latter, so I haven’t tested it. I opened it to have a look and it seemed nice inside. this thing is only an amp not a receiver. maybe used with a reel to reel or something ? must be late 60’s or so.. its tiny for an amplifier.