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model 5000 must have been a popular model. I think some of the others also had a baby champ sticker so the term might not be just the 5000?
I have some base stations and a master station that share the same “rainbow” case. I seem to see more bakelite brown ones than colored ones but the colored ones always had white knobs. I’ve got one with white knobs that someone casted from white colored epoxy I guess, they look pretty nice. my favorite is the midge, and Ive got one that was gold colored and another that’s a green color that was popular in the era..I like the teardrop shape. funny how the green color was in style but must have faded into not being popular as I seem to be able to date things just by the color. some have a dial and some have a little propeller for the pointer. I have some spare propellers. I think I only restored one and if I remember right it had the silver mica disease in the IF transformer so I had to steal one from another set. I think it “thunderstormed” until I did that . there was another model that looked a bit like a toaster oven with rounded corners that had a bright orange pointer and I have some of those too.