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Ive got a large collection of rogers spray shield tubes so I have an array of samples some neat ones that are NIB and some dating back to the Kellog types or at least ones with two way grid pins on top. one of my first sets was a 1929 rogers magestic. i recently saw another for sale on craigslist so I assume they were sold locally. it’s got a plug in thing which is basically a heat element with a plug on it , supposedly to stabilize current spikes I guess. It has a sensitivity control that basicly consists of a copper cup that covers and uncovers one of the coils inside.

some were black and I think they usually had an M prefix while others have the S on them and are grey (or is it the reverse?)
its probably one of the largest collections left. I was originally quite taken by rogers sets. they have nice cabinets. the one I have had a lot of rubber wire that needed replacement. the tube lineup uses some rogers tubes (R30) with an equivalent of the 27 with a different more globe shaped envelope.

I did get my radio to play but after it sitting and moving it maybe i swapped a tube in that wasn’t good or something It had a bad coil in the circuit that had many fine windings and I eventually worked through and found a compatible replacement. I found a spare heater thing , new in the box and it was similar to the one in the rogers set but I think the box says Magestic, not rogers. on mine it has a tin piece above the heater to deflect the heat from it but you can see some heat as affected the top of the set. ive been meaning to revisit why it fils to play as I thought I had restored it quite thoroughly but that was about 20 years ago now.
I’ve hesitated to sell tubes they would fit in a museum or maybe for someone specializing in rogers they would be of value. I dont; really have a reliable tester and hate selling tubes without knowing if they work. I’m aware there is a list of compatible replacements and some like the diodes and some of the others are probably quite hard to find, and many have substitutes. I did find one that was spray shielded but the shielding had partly flaked off to reveal another tube number beneath etched into the glass. , proving they were either counterfeited or perhaps done like that from factory.
on the set it also has some strange tube shields they seem to fit the shape of the R-30 tubes but they aren’t thin tin like most tube shields , these ones are quite heavy and cover only the top 1/2 or so of the tube.