Don Henschel
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Fritz Kuhn would be proud! Never seen one of those AA-5 with these knobs but the DKE38 (Kleinempfanger) or the VE301DYN clearly had the Reich emblems either on each side of the dial or above the dial and I have seen these for sale in the States with high dollar figures not remaining for sale for very long with a “sold” indication in the adds. The emblems being intact greatly effect the value and if the ink or paint stamps of the same emblems are present in the tubes, chassis, speaker then they are snapped up like a duck on a June Bug. Replacement speaker cones are always available usually with the stamp on them as well. Now the part that is quite surprising about how well they work are the pressed paper speaker frame to save on steel and these are always for sale as complete sets or robbed out of a set for sale. Mine is the “tame” or “mild” version without all of these being the first before things totally got out of hand. Between this VE301 and my Philco 444 I can just imagine what came out of the speaker such as Lord Haw Haw, Tokyo Rose and of course Hitler. As for that gold spray coated tube, that one is a CT8 base. They actually hold in the socket quite well. European sets are quite an interesting item including the Early Loewe with that 3NF, 3NFB tube with 3 tubes, including resistors and capacitors within the same envelope and even the later ones are spray coated. These are quite the item.