Don Henschel
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I wouldn’t be surprised as well. When you look for early/mid 30’s Telefunken in Germany they command a high price. Here is a good example but of course not “ultra modern” like yours. I was having a “senior moment” and spied a 1933 Super 653 WLK Bayreuth on ePay.de and my my my this is looking interesting with what appeared to be little interest. Okay being stupid enough to investigate before going to bed and using a crummy little iPhone I throw in a stink bid higher than logic would dictate! Later I take a good look and notice a big crack on the top of the cabinet eeeeeeek! Next I see the very unique Lautsprecher cone is trashed and now I figure you are going to be stuck with a money pit. Then I look around for a cabinet while waiting to walk the green mile and find a broken cabinet in France with nothing in it and a chunk broken out with a final selling price of 47€??? Anyway finally my fellow vultures started circling and the final bid was 189€ Later I see one in better condition sell for about the same but Telefunken always means $$$ or should I say €€€
When you look at how they are built with quite a large selection of “valves” they are probably a high end reciever back in the day. They always sell high across the pond and what amused me is how many of their other models of similar vintage kind of look like skyscraper buildings from years ago.